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In 2005, we purchased a building of over 10,000 sq ft in the scenic Ruston neighborhood steps away from the Point Defiance Park.  Right after the purchase, we started a series of remodeling projects.  While the commercial contractors took care of the major tasks such as the fire sprinkler system and the electrical overhaul, church members painted the interior and the exterior of the building.  New doors and windows were installed.  A new playground was built within the screened fence at the back.  A mirrored activity room was put in the sunlight basement.  All the restrooms received refreshing facelifts.  The church building now houses three other organizations: the Ruston Christian Childcare and Preschool, the only licensed daycare providing Chinese language enrichment in Pierce County;  the Evergreen Chinese Academy, a fully accredited Chinese language school for adults and children; and the Chinese Community Center, a 501(c)3 nonprofit service group. In February 2010, we acquired the adjacent property.  With the newly planted cherry trees and flower baskets, our church continues to strengthen the community by our physical presence and our faithful work.

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